The truth can derail your life but only if you’ve been living a lie.

Truthfirmations could be a new type of affirmation. The key to affirmations is to make a statement that you want to be true, such as:

I am full of compassionate power.

With truthfirmations, rather than state something that you wish was true, you affirm a truth that you’ve been avoiding. Truthfirmations reveal an inconvenient truth that you’ve been avoiding. What better thing to affirm?

I unconsciously allow pain from the past to affect my decisions in the present.

This affirmation simply states a fact. The fact, in this case, could be incredibly useful. It might also be painful. This pain, however, could be the key to freedom.

Why all this?

Because affirmations don’t work for many people. Often they fail the people who need them the most. This post shows why and suggests turning negative thoughts into questions:

This post offers an alternative from a therapist who noticed her clients didn’t always do well with positive affirmations:

Third wave psychology – models like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are the new approach.

The big question

What could I realize that would be painfully liberating? Painfully liberating. This is the state of mind and body that breaks the emotional ice. That’s what these are! Truthfirmations are emotional ice breakers. Go ahead. Make yourself cry on purpose.

Make yourself cry on purpose. The key to emotional recovery?

Not just cry tears. The tears must come from a painfully liberating experience.

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