The Problems I Solve

mike bundrant

Typically, the problems I solve fall into one of five categories:

1. Stuff you should be doing that you may NOT be doing, like…

• Giving 100% effort and maximizing your talents
• Taking care of yourself physically
• Enjoying relationships that work well
• Setting clear boundaries and balancing your life
• Finding the most fulfilling meaning or purpose of your life

2. Stuff you should NOT be doing, that you may BE doing, like…

• Holding back in life
• Eating too much and moving too little
• Stressing out over stuff you can’t control
• Living on autopilot
• Criticizing yourself incessantly
• Sabotaging your goals
• Quitting projects when you’re on the verge of success
• Procrastinating endlessly and wasting tons of time doing silly things
• Resisting the changes you need to make
• Fighting with the people over silly things
• Hanging onto limiting beliefs
• Giving up too easily

3. Feeling at peace, and resolving feelings of…

Low self-worth, emptiness, anxiety, rejection, confusion, discouragement, frustration, impatience and….you get the idea. Negative feelings can ruin you. Life awaits you on the other side of them!

4. Making relationships work, so that you stop….

• Stressed filled power struggles
• Being controlled, deprived or rejected
• Letting others run your life
• Feeling insecure
• Feeling resentful, overwhelmed or taken advantage of
• Lying, deceiving or acting passive-aggressively
• Feeling and being overly dependent

5. Understanding yourself, so that you can stop…

• Living in denial
• Fooling yourself about how you’re getting in your own way
• Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin
• Feeling lost and blind to your purpose at this point in life
• Depriving yourself of positive feelings
• Being ignorant of why you do what you do

Problems I don’t solve…

Although my background is clinical mental health counseling, I do not diagnose or treat mental illness. I don’t use the labels or the lingo, even though I am very familiar with it. I left the field of conventional mental health for a reason. I do not think that system is the best path toward happiness and fulfillment. At least not for me….

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