Not the best name for a self-improvement model – meta-beliefs? But it’s pretty cool.

The idea is that you discover a limiting belief, such as I can’t lose weight. Then you dig in, go deep, or whatever you call it. Find the meta-belief, which is the belief about the belief.

Here’s a transcript of a meta-beliefs discovery

Meta Beliefs

  •  I want to lose weight but I can’t.
    • Why can’t you?
      • It’s too hard.
        • Why is losing weight too hard?
          • Because I’m a loser! Ok? I’m a total loser?
            • Why are you a total loser?
              • Because I’m weak! I’m weak. I’m too weak to do anything. I can’t handle it. I can’t take it. I’m pathetic. I’m weak. Just weak, that’s all. I’m too weak to be any good at anything. I’m weak. I can’t ride my bike very fast. I can’t win races like Jon. Jon is so fast! And he’s strong. He can beat me up anytime he wants to, that’s how strong he is. But I’m weak. If I even try to be strong, I’ll die. He will kill me. He’s already tried. I got lucky two times. I’m not going to try to be lucky anymore, either.

So what?

The idea is to keep going for the meta-belief until you get to one that grabs you emotionally. The one that is painful! That’s it. Then, proceed to change that belief using whichever method you prefer.

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