Is this you?

My most successful clients have things in common. If you see yourself on this list, chances are you’ll get a lot out of Aha System Coaching.

You’re smart.

You may not feel so smart sometimes (I get it) but you’re into conversations that go beyond cocktail parties:)

You’re curious.

Your mind is not a one way street. You like to explore new ideas and find it hard to accept just one way of thinking. You don’t believe anyone holds the ultimate truth.

You like to learn what makes people tick.

Human nature is interesting to you. You enjoy discovering fresh ideas about yourself, or how the mind works.

You’re on a search for meaning.

You recognize that inner fulfillment and peace of mind – being at peace with yourself – is the ultimate happiness. Material success is important but there’s more to life and you understand that.

You have stubborn issues.

You’re smart, stable, open-minded and curious. Yet, you may have stubborn issues that you can’t figure out. Admitting this may be difficult, but you realize the only one standing in your way is….you.

If you could figure out how to get OUT of your way, it would change your life.

You’re a highly capable person, so when you’re confident and motivated, you can do amazing things.

Something is still missing…

Most of my clients have done personal growth work and learned a lot, but still get in their own way. This is where my coaching can be a breath of fresh air. For some reason I’m good at hitting the nail on the head, even in the first session.

You’re financially stable.

Coaching should not be a financial burden, but an opportunity you are fortunate enough to take. I’m a soft sell when it comes down to it. I don’t pressure anyone to hire me because I’m uncomfortable asking people to spend money they don’t have.

About those Aha-Moments

My Aha-giving gift doesn’t mean I’m special. It just makes me useful. I’d be honored to commit my skills to clearing the obstacles in your way.

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