My Ideal Client

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My most successful clients
have characteristics in common.

If you see yourself on this list, chances are you’ll gain a lot by working with me.

You’re smarter than average.

Not in a self-aggrandizing way. You may not feel like you have a lot to prove, but you’re capable of holding conversations that go well beyond what you typically hear at social gatherings.

You’re curious.

Your mind is not a one way street. You think of possibilities, explore new ideas and find it hard to accept just one way of thinking. You don’t really think anyone is 100% right or holds the ultimate truth. You’re open-minded.

You like to learn what makes people tick.

Insights into human nature are interesting to you. You enjoy discovering something new about yourself, or how the mind works. You’re not overly defensive or in so much denial that you can’t see your weaknesses.

So, when you watch this video on psychological attachments and self-sabotage, you can readily acknowledge where it applies to you.

You’re on a search for meaning.

You’re not satisfied with the typical American materialistic dream. You want more. You recognize that inner fulfillment and peace of mind – being at peace with yourself – is the ultimate happiness. Material success is important. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, it’s fun to succeed. Yet. there’s more to life and you understand that.

You have stubborn issues.

You’re smart, stable, open-minded and curious to know more. Yet, you may be suffering with stubborn issues you can’t figure out on your own. Admitting this may be difficult, but you’ve come to understand that the only one standing in your way is….you.

If you could figure out how to get OUT of your way, it would change your life. Because…

You may feel worthless or undeserving of love and respect. You could lack boundaries. You may not feel like you fit in…anywhere. You may lack motivation. You may berate yourself with criticism. You may be a true master of self-sabotage…

All of these issues are normal and common. Still, it’s frustrating and discouraging to suffer with them – over years and years – especially when you’re so smart. You’re a highly capable person, but some of these issues may seem 100% resistant to resolution.

You’re interested in being happier and more effective.

Most of my clients are well read and have done a lot of personal growth work, either by themselves or in counseling/coaching. For most of them, something has been missing from all prior personal development work.

This is where my coaching can be a breath of fresh air. I practice differently than most other coaches and therapists. I help you nail issues that have frustrated you for years – and we’ll do that early on.

You’re financially stable.

You have a reliable source of income that provides stability in your life. Coaching should not be a financial burden, but an opportunity you are fortunate to take advantage of. I do not sell coaching to people who will suffer financially because of the decision. I do find it interesting that some people end up making more money due to growth in coaching, but don’t offer services based on this expectation.

My gift and purpose in life is to give people rare AHA moments that make all the difference.

I don’t know why I can do it so consistently. It’s probably refined intuition combined with tens of thousands of dollars in therapy, coaching and training over 25 years. My AHA-giving gift doesn’t make me special. It makes me useful. And I’ll be honored to commit my usefulness to resolve your toughest issues.

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