Is Coaching Right for You?



Your goals are individual. Your challenges are unique.


Solutions should be designed just for you…by someone who is uncommonly insightful.

AHA System Coaching is a custom designed personal growth blueprint. You won’t find this anywhere else because you and I will be creating it together. Don’t worry, I’ll do the heavy lifting. All you’ll need to do is show up for appointments.

What You Should Know Up Front

I do not run a typical coaching practice. I charge a little more and maintain fewer clients, so I can invest more effort into each one. Each of my client’s gets a 100% private ‘client page’ on this site. At this page, you’ll find your blueprint, which will develop and customize over time. In other words, your growth program is created specifically for you, based on your unique goals and challenges.

Most of my clients work with me for three months to two years. However, I only ask for a month-to-month commitment.

I never experience a lack of clients. So, your decision to coach with me can be made with no pressure. It has to be an obvious fit or we don’t move forward.

Here’s What You Get With the AHA System Coaching Program


A Dynamic and 100% Customized Personal Growth Blueprint

There are no generic solutions here. I’ll create a custom blueprint for your growth, based on my interviews with you. You’ll login into your private AHA System profile and find the exact steps you need to take to reach your goals and overcome your unique challenges. Your blueprint will consist of step-by-step instructions with audio guides addressed to you, personally.

Three formal coaching sessions per month (30-45 minutes each)

Three times per month we’ll meet over the phone or Skype for formal coaching. These sessions are where we do the deeper work to release emotional obstacles, end self-sabotage and prepare to take steps forward.

Question a Day Growth Hack

Over Skype, I’ll invite you to text me a question every weekday. Make it the most important on your mind – the one that confuses or even plagues you. I’ll answer it quickly with specific ideas and insights to keep you moving forward.

“No-Brainer” Goal Worksheet

With this worksheet that breaks down goals into tiny habits, achieving goals becomes 100% simpler. This is everything you need to set yourself up for success and get things done.

Daily Trigger Journal

One of the most important elements of coaching, this worksheet will help you zero in on the specific internal and external triggers that emotionally sabotage your progress. We need to hit these nails on the head so that you become free of setbacks.

Daily Adversity Buster

Once you know how to use it (I’ll teach you) this process will break through adversity quickly and train you to move through daily challenges with uncommon resilience. This is a unique tool that I personally use on most days. I sleep like a baby because of it.

iNLP Center Personal Development Program

I’ll give you lifetime access to the iNLP Center personal development program. This is actually six comprehensive programs in one. Each program is unique and addresses a different aspect of growth.

Read more about these programs here.

My Time Offline

AHA System coaching requires an investment of my time to create your personal growth blueprint, week by week. I love doing this! This creative but structured process allows me to think through our conversations, pour over my notes and design solutions for you that are anything but generic.

Unlimited Support from an Uncommonly Insightful Friend

My limited number of clients think of me as their “high insight friend” to call upon whenever they’re stuck. You’ll have my cell phone number. Text or call me anytime you need my insight.

Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

There’s no risk working with me. If you are not thrilled with my service and your progress, we’ll cancel your program and refund any fees paid in the last 30 days. Simple.

Your Investment

My current fee is $595 per month on a month-to-month basis.

If you’d like to inquire about working with me, please fill out the coaching inquiry form. I’ll be in touch soon.